With extensive experience in business and law, Three Twelve Group is the ideal partner to guide your business. We serve our clients by:

Reason Number 1 to hire Three Twelve Group

Failing to understand your legal risk can lead to costly missteps that undermine your business strategy.  Three Twelve Group evaluates the legal framework applicable to your business venture and provides clear direction to your goal.

Reason Number 2 to hire Three Twelve Group

Before beginning a new business venture it is essential to understand how potential legal issues may arise, where they are likely to appear and what you can do to avoid them. Three Twelve Group identifies where the risk of legal issues is the greatest and develops an effective strategy for managing those risks.

Action Plan Development

Knowing the potential risks you may encounter is only half the battle. It is equally important to have a clear understanding of what to do should these risks materialize. Three Twelve Group develops “action plans” and “check-lists” so your business is prepared to address any challenges you may encounter.

Reason Number 4 to hire Three Twelve Group

Businesses must stay abreast of changing industry conditions so that their strategies stay current and effective. Three Twelve Group informs you of any significant changes to applicable legal standards, explains the impact of these changes, and recommends solutions to address them.

Reason Number 5 to hire Three Twelve Group

Each member of the business team has a unique role and responsibility that contributes to the collective success of the venture.  Three Twelve Group develops training programs designed to educate key personnel of their respective responsibilities on a given project or business venture.

Reason Number 6 to hire Three Twelve Group

Because no two business relationships are the same and one-size does not fit all, it is essential to develop a plan that accounts for the distinct features of a given undertaking. Three Twelve Group provides solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your business and the venture.

Reason Number 7 to hire Three Twelve Group

The key to overcoming unexpected challenges is to address them early and efficiently. Three Twelve Group assists you in identifying “red flags” and develops strategies to mitigate and resolve those issues before they snowball into a full-blown crisis.

Reason Number 8 to hire Three Twelve Group

Failing to comprehend critical information signaling trouble ahead can undermine the success of your business objective.  Three Twelve Group monitors your progress, assists you in identifying potential challenges and provides real time strategic solutions to achieve efficient resolutions.

Reason Number 9 to hire Three Twelve Group

Disputes are disruptive. They cause stress, uncertainty, and distraction – and take focus away from your core business. Partnering with Three Twelve group will keep your business on track. We manage your disputes, while you focus on what you do best: operating your business.

Reason Number 10 to hire Three Twelve Group

Managing legal risk can be achieved in a cost-effective way and is a worthwhile investment. Three Twelve Group provides a customized scope of services to meet your specific needs. We always deliver on-time and on-budget.

Reason Number 11 to hire Three Twelve Group

Legal risk can be mitigated and contained. With the guidance of Three Twelve Group, you can focus on your business objectives with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your legal risk is effectively managed.

Reason Number 12 to hire Three Twelve Group

It is essential to work with a trusted partner that is committed to your success. Three Twelve Group provides solutions to keep you moving towards your business goal. Our objective is the successful outcome of your business venture.