Three Twelve Group Proactive Services

Guiding clients to be Proactive.

Three Twelve Group offers a variety of services to assist you in identifying potential adverse conditions and provides strategic solutions to overcome them including:


Holding regular status meetings.

Three Twelve Group will regularly meet with your business team to discuss the status of the business venture, the progress made, and any issues or challenges. In addition to these regular meetings, we are available to provide guidance as issues arise.


Updating Risk Assessments.

Three Twelve Group will prepare updated risk assessments to reflect your progress and changed conditions.


Monitoring specific risk areas.

Three Twelve Group will monitor the high risk areas specified in the risk assessment and identify any emerging challenges or red flags. We will rate the significance of the emerging issues and recommend appropriate mitigation strategies.


Developing contingency plans.

Three Twelve Group will develop contingency plans to address emerging challenges. The contingency plans provide a clear strategy for mitigating the impact of these challenges.


Advising you of changing legal standards.

Three Twelve Group monitors the legal environment applicable to your business and provides updates of significant changes in the law. These updates explain the practical impact of these changes and recommend solutions to address them.


Recommending strategic solutions.

As you encounter adverse conditions, Three Twelve Group stands ready to provide real-time strategic solutions to address and resolve these issues.


Auditing contract performance.

To ensure compliance with your contractual obligations, Three Twelve Group will periodically meet with members of your business team and audit their contract performance. Deficiencies identified during the audit will be summarized with recommended corrective action.


Providing additional training.

Three Twelve Group will recommend and provide additional training for key personnel as needed or requested.


Three Twelve Group offers many other PROACTIVE solutions for your business. For additional details contact us.