Three Twelve Group Service Prepared

Guiding clients to be Prepared.

Three Twelve Group offers a variety of services to prepare you for your business venture including:


Preparing a comprehensive risk assessment.

As you prepare for a new business venture, it is critical to fully understand the risk inherent in the venture.   Three Twelve Group will prepare a comprehensive risk assessment that considers the unique features of the venture.  This tailored assessment will identify key risk areas and propose strategies to effectively mitigate and manage those risks.


Analyzing business agreements.

After assessing the risk, it is important to understand how it is allocated between the contracting parties. Three Twelve Group will assist you during the contract negotiating process to ensure the risk is allocated according to your expectations. In addition, once the agreements are finalized, we will prepare an analysis explaining your risk exposure.


Preparing “actions plans” and “check lists”.

Knowing the risk and how it is allocated between the parties is only half the battle. It is equally important to have a clear understanding of what to do should these risks materialize.  Three Twelve Group will prepare “action plans” and “check lists” that clearly explain how to address the challenges you are likely to encounter.


Developing training programs for key personnel.

Each member of the business team has a unique role and responsibility that contributes to the collective success of the venture. Three Twelve Group will develop training programs to educate key personnel of their obligations and responsibilities.


Three Twelve Group offers many other services to PREPARE you for your business venture. For additional details contact us.