Three Twelve Group Service Organized

Guiding clients to be Organized.

Three Twelve Group provides a range of solutions to keep you ORGANIZED and to guide you through the dispute resolution process including:


Organizing your electronic data and documents.

Many organizations have to scramble when presented with a subpoena or request for documents. The effort – in terms of time and money – required to properly respond to these requests for information can be substantial. Three Twelve Group will review your existing practices and recommend solutions to keep your information organized and easily accessible.


Ensuring compliance with your contractual obligations.

Many business agreements require you to generate and maintain certain documentation. Three Twelve Group will analyze your contracts and clearly define your documentation responsibilities. We will specify the type of information for which you are responsible, how it should be generated and maintained, and explain why it is important.


Compiling documentation to support claims and defenses.

A lot of disputes arise because of a misunderstanding or incomplete information. These disputes can be avoided by providing the other side a complete picture of the issues along with supporting documentation. When presented with a dispute, Three Twelve Group will compile, organize and present your information so that you can effectively demonstrate that your position is supported by fact.


Recommending resolution strategies.

When confronted with a dispute – whether an affirmative claim or one you have to defend against – it is important to address the dispute while it is small and manageable.  Three Twelve Group will analyze all potential claims, evaluate the merits, define your risk exposure, and recommend resolution strategies to meet your business objectives.


Resolving potential disputes.

Early resolution of potential disputes will keep you moving towards your business goals. Three Twelve Group will assist you in these negotiations and recommend appropriate resolution strategies. Our role will depend on the unique circumstances of the dispute, but we are prepared to lead the negotiations on your behalf, participate as part of your negotiating team, or remain behind the scenes offering counsel and advice as needed.


Managing the transition to litigation counsel.

When a dispute cannot be resolved by informal means, you must be prepared to transition the matter to litigation counsel. Three Twelve Group can recommend the right litigation counsel for your business, budget, and type of dispute. To facilitate the transition and to ensure litigation counsel can hit the ground running, we will prepare a transition memo outlining the history of the dispute, the key players and the relevant issues. We will also meet with litigation counsel to answer any initial questions and present relevant information and documentation.


Coordinating pretrial litigation tasks.

Litigation is disruptive to an organization. The time and effort required to assist litigation counsel in advancing your case is substantial. Three Twelve Group alleviates much of this burden by coordinating all pretrial litigation tasks with litigation counsel including document production, witness meetings, depositions and related discovery obligations. We manage your disputes, while you focus on your business.


Managing the litigation process.

The twists and turns of the litigation process are disruptive and distract from your core business. Three Twelve Group will manage this process, oversee litigation counsel, and ensure adherence to your overall strategy and budget.


Three Twelve Group offers many other services to keep your business ORGANIZED. For additional details contact us.