Three Twelve Group Services

Three Twelve Group offers a wide range of services to manage your legal risk. With Three Twelve Group as your partner, you will be prepared, proactive and organized.


Before beginning a new business venture, it is important to fully understand the risks involved and how those risks are allocated.  Three Twelve Group offers a variety of services to prepare you for your business venture including:


    • Preparing a comprehensive risk assessment.
    • Analyzing business agreements to determine how risk is allocated between the contracting parties.
    • Preparing “actions plans” and “check lists” detailing how to address potential challenges.
    • Developing training programs for key personnel so they understand their contractual obligations and responsibilities.


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Businesses must be proactive in identifying and addressing conditions that could lead to legal issues.  Three Twelve Group offers a variety of services to assist you in identifying potential adverse conditions and provides strategic solutions to overcome them including:


    • Holding regular meetings with your business team to discuss the status of the business venture.
    • Updating risk assessments.
    • Developing contingency plans to address changed conditions.
    • Advising you of significant changes to applicable legal standards.
    • Monitoring specific risk areas for red flags.
    • Providing strategic solutions to address potential adverse conditions.
    • Auditing contract performance to ensure compliance with contractual requirements.
    • Providing additional training where needed.


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To effectively address unexpected challenges, companies must stay organized.  Three Twelve Group provides a range of solutions to keep you organized and to assist you through the dispute resolution process including:


    • Organizing your electronic data and documents.
    • Ensuring all information and documentation is maintained in accordance with your contractual obligations.
    • Compiling information and documentation to support affirmative claims and defenses.
    • Analyzing potential claims and recommending resolution strategies.
    • Negotiating a resolution to potential disputes.
    • Managing the transition to litigation counsel.
    • Coordinating pretrial litigation tasks with litigation counsel including document production, witness meetings and depositions, and related discovery obligations.
    • Managing the litigation process.


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